My scientific articles are the effect of my over 10 year long passion in physics where I attempt to find a way of solving the most fundamental paradox of the contemporary physics - its inability to reconcile the General Theory of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics.

I invite you to read the original manuscripts published in scientific press, seminar presentation and 3-step easy introduction.

Summary of the Dilation as Field (DaF) framework

Geroch decomposition leads to Maxwell-like representation of gravity in (3+1) metrics decomposition. For such decomposition one may derive four-potential that describes gravity, where is gravitational time dilation factor.

By analogy to electromagnetism for above four-potential one may derive gravitational field tensor and gravitational four-current

Introduced gravitational four-current multiplied by four-velocity produce valid energy-stress tensor divided by Einstein's constant:

and therfore generalize main General Relativity formula to form of:

DaF also introduce valid Lagrangian and Hamiltonian and also introduce new approach to quantization that results in proper quantum values for rest mass, elementary charge and photon energy.

Piotr Ogonowski

Piotr Ogonowski

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Piotr Ogonowski